No Response to my Ad

Why is no one responding to my ad or messages?

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I have had no responses to my ad
or no one is responding to my messages

This is a free world, and to be realistic we have no means by which to "make" people respond to ads or to mails sent in response to an ad. People have thousands of reasons why they may not respond.

The most common causes of a poor response rate are:

  • Poorly written profile with no meaningful information about the person.
  • No photos or just genital shots.
  • Impolite messages sent to the other member.
  • Trying to make contact with people who are in the wrong geographic area.
  • Spamming - we mark messages that have been copied to multiple recipients.
  • Writing to people whose profile you do not match.
  • Not reading the other persons profile before writing.
    • Make sure you match what they are looking for.
    • Are you the right age?
    • Are you in the right area?
    • Do you match what they have asked for in their profile?

Men please be aware - couples and ladies who advertise for men get so many responses it is often impossible for them to respond to all of them - To illustrate the problem we have been talking to a few of the female and couples who have profiles. They have told us that the response rate has been in excess of 500 messages a week. This means that to read the responses alone takes a very long time. If it takes one minute to read each mail, it takes more than eight hours to read 500 mails, and replying to them, even at 30 seconds a mail takes more than four hours.

  • Don't scatter bomb all the couples or ladies in your area with the same message, your messages will be marked as spam.
  • Don't respond to ads where you do not fit the criteria of the advertiser. You are wasting their time, your time, and clogging up the messaging system with hundreds of pointless emails.
  • Please read the etiquette section to be found on the links above.

Is my message getting through?

Yes. All messages are sent to the other member. (depending on your membership status)

You will be notified by the system if for any reason your message has not been sent - such as the other member has blocked you.

If you go into your sent messages mailbox, you will see each message has the icon of an envelope. Hover over the envelope for the status of the message.