Why isn't my profile active yet?

People cannot see my profile.

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Why isn't my profile active yet?

When you join the site, or make changes to the text of your profile it goes to our administrators team for checking and approval before becoming visible to others.

Under normal conditions this only takes a short while, as we have an administrative team employed to look after the approvals 24x7.

Most profile content and photographs are approved very quickly, however they may be rejected if they contain wording or images that are outside our terms and conditions.

Why could my profile be rejected?

We have a set of guidelines for profile writing, some things are not allowed in the text of your profile.

  • No email addresses
  • No telephone numbers
  • No MSN, Yahoo or Google ID's
  • No references of, or links to other websites
  • No references to, or images of child or animal pornography

These rules are to protect people from spammers, scammers and other unscrupulous people.